Dan Williams is a former High School Math Teacher and Graduate of the University of Michigan. He chose to learn about “real” business and investing as an entrepreneur after realizing that working a job would never allow him to live the life he dreamed of as a kid. Dan’s passion for teaching children about financial education is what lead him to create Finance Camp 4 Kids. Through 10 animated short stories, he creatively explains the ideas and advantages of starting a business and putting your savings to good use. As an investor, entrepreneur and financial education advocate, Dan believes the best asset you can give a child is knowledge.

Many of the financial education games and books available for children focus on teaching kids to save money and working a job. These ideas are no longer the roadmap to wealth. The financial education being taught in most elementary and junior high classrooms is usually minimal and very few lessons expose kids to words such as business, entrepreneur, asset, interest, credit, franchise, liability, loans, inflation and so on. Showing kids how to make money and earn a profit is not a bad thing.

There is no such thing as free money. As the reality of getting a great job with good pay and benefits for life fades, please join Dan in the mission of expanding the financial mindset of our youth. In doing so, we will create a new generation of socially responsible entrepreneurs that will expand jobs and wealth to all.

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